Youth Group

The church youth group (ages 11-18) meets every week for bible study and participates in the life of the church by helping to lead worship, sharing their musical gifts in the worship band and generally reminding us that life is about having fun. In addition to bible study the group enjoys outings to movies, concerts, sporting events and nature walks.

The youth group is a little community within the community and welcomes anyone who wants to think about stuff that’s important to faith in everyday life.

Youth Groups


Kids for Christ (KfC) is our Sunday school and children’s program. We meet on Sunday mornings every week during the school term and also enjoy events outside the church. KfC is designed to help parents raise faithful children, both inside the church and outside.

Cadzow Cafe

Cadzow Cafe

Find out more about this brilliant initiative!

What is it?

Fridays @ Cadzow Cafe is created as a drop-in place for secondary school students to go on Fridays after early dismissal. It is designed as a safe place where students meet friends and develop relationships in an atmosphere that encourages creativity and fun.

What's it not?

While it is not a child minding service students will be asked to fill in contact details, signing in each day. Attendance and contact details will be kept on file.The cafe is a drop-in and kids can come and go as they please, but once kids leave they will not be allowed back on the same day.

Who's it for?

All secondary students are welcome to attend.

When is it Open?

Cadzow Cafe is open on every Friday that school is in session from 1.10 to 3.00pm. The cafe will be open every Friday of the school term (excluding holidays and insets).

Where is it?

Cadzow Cafe is held in the large hall of Cadzow Parish Church, which can be accessed from the Haddow Street entrance.

What about Lunch?

Cadzow Cafe will have a proper eating area and will serve hot chocolate and lemonade free of charge. Students may bring pack lunches or purchase take-away food and packaged items from a tuck shop (everything sold below cost).

What will kids do there?

In addition to a canteen there will be a comfortable place for students to “hang-out”, chat and play games. Other facilities will include table tennis, snooker, air hockey and assorted board games. Activities will vary but may include storytelling, crafts and discussion groups. The students will have acess to a quiet study area and study help can be arranged.

Who is running it?

Cadzow Cafe is sponsored by Cadzow Parish Church and staffed by church volunteers, all of whom have Safeguarding training.

Is it a School Programme?

No but administrators at the Grammar School are well informed about our activities and are welcome to attend the cafe at any time.

Is it religious?

The Cafe is for students of all faiths or none. Our aim is to address the needs of the whole person: body ,mind and spirit. Kids have the chance to develop relationships with one another and with the older members of the community. But the Cafe will also be an environment for students to begin exploring their spiritual selves. We will not be pressurising the kids in any way, but rather giving them the opportunity to think freely and openly about what it means to have a spiritual aspect of their persons.

What is a Prayer Space?

A prayer space is a quiet space that will allow students the opportunity to write prayers or sketch theiir feelings on paper or think about the meaning of Christmas and Easter. Content will vary each week, but the aim is to allow students to follow their own interests and formulate their own questions. Further information can be found at

Can parents come?

Definitely! If you are interested to know more about the cafe please feel free to drop in anytime you like.

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